The Works Bistro in Il Terrazzo

April 19, 2012

The Works Bistro
2nd Level, Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Madrinan,
Quezon City

When a college friend and I had an impromptu meet-up, we decided to set it over lunch in The Works Bistro. Parking is a huge problem in Tomas Morato area that's why I like to set up lunch meetings in Il Terrazzo. The outer parking is free of charge while inner and basement parking cost only PhP35.

Chef's Work (to share) PhP175

Chef's Work had a lot of fresh greens topped with tomatoes, slices of beef and parmesan cheese. The dressing was not enough though. The serving was big, we could not even finish the entire thing! In fact, we were not able to taste the bread on the side.

free soup

The mushroom soup that goes with our lunch set meal was salty. Iced tea is also included in our set meal.

champignon set PhP138

Champignon set was served on a grill plate. It had a nice presentation. One thing I don't like was that the champignon tasted like it came straight out of the can. Good thing that the order came with bits of chicken. I think it needed more garlic to mask off the taste of canned champignon.

Crunchy Chicken Fillet PhP135

Crunchy Chicken Fillet was ordered by my friend. I like it better than my order. If only they could use new oil to deep fry the chicken meat, the breading would not be as dark as you see in the photo. The gravy tasted exactly just like the soup only this time it was thicker.

The restaurant has lunch promos that you can check out. You might want to visit it when you want a quick, inexpensive lunch.

It was unfortunate that my friend and I can only stay for a little less than an hour. We could have stayed longer if she doesn't have a 12 o'clock call time for work. We had fun time catching up with what's happening in our lives. I hope we could do this again!

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