Masatami Shave Ice in Robinsons Galleria

April 29, 2012

Masatami Shave Ice
in front of Supermarket
Robinsons Galleria

When I received several gift certificates from Masatami Shave Ice, I was delighted because I like eating flavored shave ice. I came to know about shave ice when I visited Taipei a couple of years back. 

my sister waiting for her Masatami Shave Ice

I was given two kinds of gift certificates-Rainbow Hawaiian Shave Ice-The Works and Flavored Shave Ice.

The Works includes snow cap (condense milk), azuki beans and vanilla ice cream while the Flavored Shave Ice has azuki beans, pearls and nata de coco.

 Rainbow Hawaiian Shave Ice-The Works! in the making

The server started to meticulously shape the dessert. It took some time to form the ice. Prepare to wait in line for a few minutes if somebody orders ahead of you.

 putting bubblegum syrup

 adding strawberry syrup

and banana syrup

The Works! is under the shave ice. You can use the straw to sip it just like in snow cone or use the spoon to scoop the shave ice.

Hawaiian Shave Ice large PhP55

Add-ons are as follows:

  • azuki beans PhP8
  • snow cap PhP10
  • vanilla ice cream PhP20

 Also available in other flavored syrups:

  • cotton candy
  • blueberry
  • blue raspberry
  • orange
  • pik lychee
  • pineapple
  • watermelon
  • coffee
  • blueberry cheesecake
  • strawberry margarita

Available in small size for only PhP35! Also available in Sugar-free syrups!

my sister and her Chocolate Flavored Shave Ice large PhP85

Although their best seller is the Buko Pandan Shave Ice, my sister opted for her favorite-Chocolate.

Chocolate Flavored Shave Ice with azuki beans, pearls and nata de coco

Add-on price are as follows:

  • nuts PhP5
  • rice crispies PhP5
  • azuki beans PhP8
  • pearls PhP8
  • nata de coco PhP8

We both liked what we ordered because it was not too sweet. The add-on serving is just enough. Large size is good for sharing. Please don't forget to bring a friend when you visit this stall. 

This is a perfect treat to cool you off this summer!

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