My Sariwon Korean Barbecue Birthday Celebration!

May 2, 2012

Sariwon Korean Barbecue Since 1938
7th Avenue corner 29th Street,
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Taguig City

Ever since we came back from South Korea last January, DH and I has always been on a look out for new Korean restaurants in the metro. Days before my birthday, I got an email from no less than the owner herself asking if I wanted to try a newly opened Korean restaurant in Bonifacio High Street Central. Boy, I am glad I said yes!

Cheers to long life and good health! 
House Blend Iced Tea PhP80

We usually celebrate my birthday in a fine dining restaurant but for the love of Korean food, we tried Sariwon for a change. As it turned out, we were very full and satisfied at the end of our meal.

Read all about our experience after the break...

 Sariwon Korean Barbecue utensils and a cup of tea

Upon arriving, there was already a table reserved for two. I looked around and to my surprise, it's a full house on a weekday at that.  It's a good sign that they serve good food. I even saw a couple of Koreans eating that night. DH and I take that as a sign that the restaurant serves authentic Korean food.


 6 banchan


 plus 1 side salad with vinaigrette

There were a total of 7 banchan (appetizer) served on our table. Anchovies and the mashed squash with raisins are my favorite. Feel free to ask for second serving ; )

Sangria Soju PhP195; Banana Apple PhP120

I had a sip of Sangria Soju, definitely not for people who doesn't drink like me ; p

 Haemol Pajeon PhP350

Haemol Pajeon is a traditional Korean pancake made with squid, shrimp, oysters and green onion. I like it because it was not over cooked and the ingredients are fresh. You can really see and taste the shrimps and squid in the pancake.

 Doenjang Chigae PhP250

Doenjang Chigae is a spicy stew made with soybean paste, tofu and vegetables. I initially thought that it would be a very spicy soup but it turned to be delicious. An order comes with a cup of rice. 

 Mul-Naengmyeon PhP350

freshly made cold sweet potato noodles with vegetables in chilled beef broth

DH said something about acquired taste when he tasted this cold noodle

Instead of ordering the usual Japchae (PhP350), we deviated by ordering Mul-Naengmyeon. According to the owner, most Koreans order it because most of the Korean restaurants in the metro do not serve this dish.

DH's verdict, "lasang atchara yun sabaw!" I agree ; p Later on, he mixed in a bit of mustard and then muttered something about "acquired taste" ; p

they have my favorite sesame leaves; Korean perilla leaf or "ggaennip" pronounced kenyep

I requested for all sesame leaves because some of the veggies were wilted already when served to us. 

  bronze super net with ceramic charcoal

BTW, each table seats 4 persons. For larger group, they just add chairs on both ends of the table. Sariwon imported Shinpo Smokeless Roasters. These are special tables because you will not smell like barbecue after dining here. 

Galbi 280 grams PhP545

grilled to perfection

Seng Galbi 280 grams PhP780

Seng Galbi was more marbled than the Galbi that's why it's much more tender and easier to chew. With it's secret marinade, Seng Galbi is a must order in this restaurant.

Sangchu-ssam (lettuce wrap)

Learn how to eat Korean barbecue, the sangchu-ssam way!

Sariwon Bulgogi 150 grams PhP545

I saw several tables ordering Sariwon Bulgogi. If you are on a tight budget and would like to try Sariwon, order Sariwon Bulgogi. This is a meal in itself because an order consists of USDA choice cut beef, fragrant signature Sariwon sauce and freshly made sweet potato noodles. 

copper bulgogi pan

sukiyaki cut beef is not marinated

fragrant signature Sariwon sauce

Remember that the beef is not marinated so you have to dip it in a special sauce called fragrant signature sauce which is made from 12 fruits and vegetables. 

freshly made sweet potato noodle

After taking out the beef from the pan, beef broth with honey was poured in and then followed by the freshly made potato noodle. We waited until the broth dried up.

what's left is delicious potato noodles

Reminder... eat it while it's hot!

Sikhye PhP60

We were given two cups of Sikhye to wash down everything we ate lol It is a traditional sweet drink home made with malt and rice. Those are cooked rice floating together with a slice of date and pine nuts you see floating in the photo above.

I wanted to thank the owners of Sariwon for the wonderful Korean experience. We will surely be back for more because there were still a lot on the menu that we have not tried.

I will keep this post updated!

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