Cynos Hair Fashion featuring Tinette Puyat, Hanz Olivar & Alex Carbonell

June 19, 2012

Cynos Inside Hair care
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The Cynos Hair Fashio Show
Manila Diamond hotel

I have attended several fashion shows in the past like Philippine Fashion Week but I have never attended a hair fashion show. When I received an e-vite from Cynos, I got intrigued so I immediately said YES!

Cynos Inside Hair Care

I thought that models with various hairstyles and hair colors will strut the runway but I was wrong. Well, we did see that plus more! We were presented with a different kind of show that night by some of the well-known salon owners that we have today - Tinette Ozamis-Puyat, Hanz Olivar and Alex Carbonell. 

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Rosa Ramos Cinco - General Manager of Cynos Philippines

After several hours of delay, the show finally started with an opening remarks from the general manager of Cynos Philippines herself, Rosa Ramos Cinco. 

live band during Cynos Inside Hair Care Fashion Show

models with soft curls by Tinette Ozamis-Puyat

live demo by Ms. Tinette Ozamis-Puyat on her model

live demo by Tinette

I was astounded to see a chair put up and as if on cue, a model promptly seated at the center of the stage. I was curious to see what is going to happen next then Ms. Tinette came out. She demonstrated how to fix the soft curls of the model with the use of Cynos product, of course!

The following are models of Hanz Olivar showcasing an edgier haircut and color:

Hanz Olivar and his model

I personally like this set of models because of their hair color and edgy haircuts because I can relate to it - I recently had my hair cut short ; p Mr. Olivar himself is sporting a unique shave on the side of his head. You must watch the video to see his shaved head.

Hanz Olivar video

Hanz Olivar

The last one is a special appearance by Alex Carbonell who does an amazing job by showcasing a magical production. 

There were three models who were groomed by Mr. Alex Carbonell that night. His 2 assistants, who were in the background, were also doing a great job styling the models. 

There was a fan that appeared magically from the stage, Alex continued cutting this girl's hair not minding the wind blowing out of the fan. It was pretty cool! 

Alex Carbonell video

Alex Carbonell

all three stylists were honored that night together with Ms. Rosa Cinco

What am I doing?!

Models went down from the stage and let the audience try Cynos products. A model pumped some sort of gel and I was putting the product on my hair when this photo was captured by DH. Yes, he was with me and he took all these photos that you see here. So, thanks DH for accompanying me and for being my official photographer that night ; p

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