Perfect for High Heels: Neat Feat Gel Forefoot Insole

You don't often see me wearing high heels. Why? Because my feet always feel uncomfortable. I don't know how other women manage to wear high heels all day. Thankfully, Neat Feat send over some samples of Femme Slimline. These are part of the Essential Footcare and everything is one size fits all!

 Gel Forefoot Insole for High Heels

The packaged arrived way before I went to Taiwan. Yeah, I know what you are thinking and you are right! I bought a pair of high heeled shoes just so I could test run these gel forefoot insole ; p

I am glad to report that the gel forefoot insole served its purpose. I attended a party two weeks ago, and I was comfortable the whole time. It clings to my shoes and my foot didn't slide. 

Does that mean I should go out and buy more high heel shoes???

Step 1: Remove the product from its package

 Step 2: Peel Non-Slip adhesive backing

Step 3: Apply sticky side firmly onto shoe

 because it's transparent, you can't see it when you wear your shoes

Characteristics of Gel Forefoot Insole for High Heels:

  • Shock absorbers for sore feet
  • Non-slip adhesive backing
  • Gently cushions the forefront of the foot to ease discomfort
  • Double layered polymer gel
  • One size fits all

Neat Feat products

Other products available in the Neat Feat Femme Slimline are:

  • Gel Heel Cushions
  • Gel Heel Shields
  • Gel Slingback Strips
  • Gel Corn Pads
  • Gel Blister Pads

All products are made in Argentina

 complete store listings of Neat Feat Essential Footcare

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