Amherst Laboratories Blogger Plant Tour

October 29, 2012

Amherst Laboratories Plant Tour
Mamplasan, Binan

I was one of the select few bloggers who joined the private tour to Amherst Laboratories organized by United Laboratories. It is located in Mamplasan in Binan, Laguna. Everything was well-taken care of from our ride - a minibus was provided, to our breakfast/lunch and a relaxing spa massage after. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Rochelle who facilitated everything!

All six bloggers;  photo taken in Amherst Laboratories Main Building

The pick up time from my house was delayed for almost an hour due to traffic... darn, Manila traffic! Anyway, after stopping by Starbucks for some quick breakfast to take out, we were on our way to pick up the last member of our group, Chris Amador who lives in Laguna.

To find out what is happening inside Amherst Laboratories, read after the break....

inside Amherst Main Building

I was in awe at the magnificent structure of the building. The door that you see in the middle of the photo in between the stairs and the reception area is the AVP room where we watched the humble beginnings of Amherst Laboratories.

Behind us are some of the products produced by Amherst Laboratories

At this point, I was excited to see more of the plant that made some of the medicines and vitamins I am taking ; )

wearing lab gown

We have to abide by Amherst strict standards. We were asked to put on lab gowns and wear plastic cover for our shoes.

everything is sanitized even our hands

wearing lab gown and plastic shoe cover

Cameras are prohibited during the tour. We were not allowed to take photos. All our bags and other belongings were left inside a locked room.

The following photos were provided by Unilab:

 Quality Control


Machine used 

The tour lasted for an hour, we learned a lot because a mini Q&A happened during the plant visit.

lunch in Crisostomo

Indulgence Day Spa

After having a sumptuous lunch at Crisostomo, all six of us were treated to a relaxing one hour massage of our choice at Indulgence Day Spa in Nuvali! The photo above was taken right after our massage. Just look at our happy, smiling faces hahaha

photo-op in front of the minibus on our way home

It was a fun-filled and relaxing day! Thanks Unilab for the memorable experience!

Photo credit: Unilab

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