Lampe Berger Paris Home Fragrance

I got my Lampe Berger lamp kit as a wedding present.  I seldom use it until recently when my cousin gifted me with Chant de Lavande, a home fragrance for Lampe Berger (Parfum De Maison Pour Lampe Berger). I fell in love with its scent. Now, I see to it that I operate it every time I am inside my room. It's soothing and at the same time, relaxing.

Lampe Berger round, blue glass (gold top)

Benefits of Lampe Berger:

  • Cleanses and purifies the air
  • Destroys odours
  • Long-lasting fragrance

 The first Lampe Berger lamp was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards. Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso were the first "well-known people" to appreciate it.

Operating Lampe Berger for the first time? Please read after the break...

 What's inside the kit?

  • Lampe Berger (middle)
  • Wick
  • Openwork shade (left)
  • Cap (right)
  • Funnel (in the photo below)

 Chant de Lavande (1 liter), Mandarine (2 liter) and The Vert home fragrances (1 liter)

These home fragrances are used for Lampe Berger only. It contains 90% Isopropyl Alcohol and is highly flammable.

1 bottle (1 liter) lasts for a minimum of 40 hours. The bottle has a safety cap. To open, unscrew while pushing down.

 Chant de Lavande Parfum de maison

How to use Lampe Berger:

 Step 1: Place your Lampe Berger on a stable surface

 Step 2: Using the funnel provided, fill approximately 2/3 full
 Step 3: Insert the wick of the burner into the Lampe Berger, light the burner with a lighter or a match

When using for the first time, leave the wick to soak for around 20 minutes then light the burner with a lighter or a match. After 2 minutes blow out the flame. Your Lampe Berger is now operating.

 Step 4: Put back the openwork shade onto the burner

To extinguish, remove the openwork shade and place the cap on the burner

Warning! Do not leave the burner without the cap for a long time. The content will be empty in a few hours.

 my bedside with Lampe Berger

The approximate time of operation for single use should only be 20 to 30 minutes.  By the way, Lampe Berger has a guarantee.

Terms of guarantee:
  • Non-porosity of the bottle
  • Quality of the neck seal (metal part which supports the burner)

If a defect appears in either of these two items, Lampe Berger will repair or replace it Free of Charge. 

Do you have a Lampe Berger at home? What home fragrance do you use?

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