Marriott Cafe's Ocean Surf Buffet

February 22, 2013

Marriott Cafe
Manila Marriott Hotel
Newport City Complex
10 Newport Blvd.,
Domestic Airport, Pasay

Dinner: 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Last Friday, my girl friends and I checked out Marriott Cafe upon the recommendation of C who fell in love with its Ocean Surf Buffet. Due to heavy traffic and the distance from our place, we arrived at half past eight in the evening. Most of the other guests were already starting with their desserts ; p

 with my homemade gelato

My other friend, R, made the reservation. We were given a spot near the carving station. We wasted no time, some of us went straight to the buffet area ; p

For photos of the buffet, read after the break...

 view from where we were seated

 Ocean Surf Buffet - that's lobsters on right

 Curacha also known as spanner crab or red frog crab

Lobsters and curacha are super sulit!

 lobster thermidore

 seafood paella

 roast beef

The roast beef was dry ; (

 teppanyaki station

Uhm, we ordered salmon and mahi-mahi teppanyaki. We were not able to finished our order because it was too salty.

 pasta station

Well, I am not fond of pasta do I skipped this one out.

 Chinese station

dim sum station - siomai, hakaw, siopao etc. name it, they have it!

 grilled station

 salad counter

 Japanese sushi station

 tempura station

 soup station
 bread counter

 cheese station

 fruit station
 my favorite - gelato counter

 ahhhh.... chocolate fondue

If I were you, I'll skip the carving station which has only one meat and go straight to the seafood station where fresh lobsters and curacha are aplenty. Don't forget to make room for some dessert. I would recommend Marriott Cafe's homemade gelato.

Ocean Surf Buffet at Marriott Cafe costs PhP 1,598 per pax. Since we have membership cards with us. We got 50% off the regular rate. Add a 10% Service Charge and and additional 12 % Value Added Tax (VAT), the total amount we paid per pax is PhP 975.

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