A Day In The Life Of MrsMartinez (BLOGGER)

Hello! I want to share with you what my typical day is like. I know most of you are eager to find out if bloggers stay all day and all night online ; p Well, bloggers also have their own lives to live and we do what most people do like grocery shopping, walking the dogs and going to the office. The only difference is that we share our activities online ; )

a day in the life of MrsMartinez

Just to give you a brief background, I started blogging in mid-2008. But I was already sharing photos via Multiply a few years back. These were just random photos I took like where DH and I ate on our date night or the places/countries we have visited. It was not anything serious until I got into Blogspot.

So, anyway, curious what my day-to-day activity is like? Read after the break...

This is my typical day when I am not in the office like today...

7:30 am - As usual, I woke up 30 minutes later than DH ; p After splashing my face with cold water, I headed down for breakfast and read the morning newspaper.

8:30 am - I checked my life online via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. I chatted with a cousin from the US via Facetime app.

10:00 am - I showered and talked to my dad over the phone. I wanted to take both my parents out for lunch. He said yes!

lunch date with my parents (mom not in the photo)

12:00 nn - My parents and I went to Greenhills. We ate in one of my favorite restaurants, Le Ching Too! I shared this photo above via Instagram ; )

shared via Twitter

1:00 pm - After lunch, I went to the supermarket. Thank God, our helper has already prepared a checklist for grocery shopping. It is now easier to look for supplies that we need at home. Dropped by my favorite milk tea place before I headed home.

 watching a YouTube video

3:00 pm - I wrote a scheduled post for tomorrow. I checked my email for the second time. I replied to most of the messages and inquiries. Oh, I found this cool YouTube video of Sophia Grace and Rosie on EllenTV. I spent a few minutes watching it then I also shared it online via Facebook and Twitter ; p

5:00 pm - Almost dinner time! I cooked Gambas and sauteed Asparagus with Shitake Mushrooms... yummy!

gambas and sauteed asparagus with shitake mushroom

6:00 pm - Finally, DH arrived at our doorstep. I gave him a peck on the cheek. Yeah, I am that cheesy!

8:00 pm - After eating dinner, DH and I watched Grey's Anatomy - a US TV series downloaded via internet. 

9:00 pm - Ho hum! I was dead tired but I didn't forget to pray and thank God for blessing me with a wonderful day!

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