Discover Osaka: Random Eats at Namba + Itinerary

Day 7

January 3, 2013

Namba (Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Amerikamura and Den Den Town)
Osaka, Japan

Finally, I am down to the last installment of my Japan vacation entry. Thank you for being patient with me.

On our last full day in Osaka, we spent it in one of Osaka's major city center, Minami (Namba). It is the city's most famous entertainment district with numerous shopping and dining choices. 

waffle characters at Namba District

We went around Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Amerikamura and Den Den Town. It was fun taking photos of Japanese pop culture and also trying out most of the food stalls that we passed by ; p

Warning photo overload after the break...

Our breakfast at 10:00 am...

street style okonomiyaki JPY 130 (PhP 65)

And then we had lunch inside Tenya- a restaurant that serves tempura only ; )

 diners seated around the open kitchen

shrimp tempura 3 pcs. JPY 750 650 (PhP 325)

While walking, we saw several bikes parked on the side walk. I didn't see a single motorcycle while I was in Osaka ; p

We also saw these pair of mascots near the stall selling waffles as seen in the first photo.

Torikara Stick single JPY 250 (PhP 125)

We also bought an order of Torikara Stick.

We would have eaten in the sushi place if DH was not craving for... you guessed it right, R-A-M-E-N.

Mita Seimen Ramen Place petite (200g) medium (300g) and large (400g) all cost the same at JPY 700 (PhP 350)

DH ordered medium which has 300g of noodles. He could not finished it ; p Thank God there was no ramen nazi around hahaha

Also available in extra large for an additional JPY 100 (PhP 50).

takoyaki-style gyoza JPY 400 (PhP 200)

this is what Mita-Seimen looks like

We continued walking towards Amerikamura...

 I was ecstatic when I saw Tapioca de Happy
 but was disgusted when my drink was handed to me

Pearl Milk Tea was priced at JPY 280 (PhP 140). DH said he saw the girl grab some ice with her bare hands right after taking our order and handling the cash... ewww!

 takoyaki stall in Amerikamura

 takoyaki for dinner ; p

Amerikamura at night

We left Namba around 7:30 pm and call it a night. The next day was our scheduled return trip back home.


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Have a great week ahead!

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