DIY Anniversary Surprise (Verleo Catering & Pastry Princess)

This 2013 marks my 10th year wedding anniversary with DH. Since I am the mushy one in our relationship, I want to make the celebration extra special for my best friend, my partner in crime and my soul mate so I surprised him with an elaborate dinner not just for two but for our entire family!

DH and I celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary

I planned the whole surprise 10th wedding anniversary in less than a week. Yes, from ordering a cake to calling a caterer. It really helps if you are "best friends" with the caterer lol I really wanted to bring over a priest to officiate/ bless us as a couple but I was out of luck. I guess I am pushing too hard already ; p

Anyway, read more after the break...

 cake, cookies and cupcakes bought from Pastry Princess

If you have been reading my blog, I wrote about the Pastry Princess over a year ago and I could not forget her. I have tasted so many Red Velvet cupcakes but hers is the only one that stood out. It was still moist even after I refrigerated it and tasted really good too- not too sweet! Yummy!

 Red Velvet cake with pink frosting PhP 1,200

My only comment about this cake is that the frosting on the side was too thin. I swear, I can see the red velvet cake from afar but it tasted so good that I just ignored its flaw.

 cupcakes: Peanut Butter with Jelly PhP 60, Pistachio PhP 70/piece and Ovaltine PhP 60

I gave these cupcakes to our guests as memento. Sad I was not able to taste it ; (

 cookies: Chocolate Chip PhP 80/6 pieces and Cranberry PhP 80/6 pieces

I also gave away these cookies. Just by looking at it, I am sure it tasted good also!

Cakes should be ordered three days in advance. For cupcakes and cookies, I just chose from what's available on the day I picked up the cake.
 table set-up by caterer, Verleo

So, here's the story how I came up with the idea of surprising DH on our 10th wedding anniversary...

When I woke up last Monday, I just thought of surprising DH. First thing I did was to SMS/FB message my DH's siblings and my family. When I finally got the head count, I immediately called my good friend if I can have the party catered for only 20 persons. Everything went smoothly after that. 

Well, almost! If only I was able to find a priest that's willing to officiate our "renewal of vows" outside the church then it would have been perfect!

 I had the buffet set-up on my white countertop

What's on the menu:

 Fish with Red Curry Sauce in Fruits

Personally, I like this dish because it tasted like the ones I ordered in Thai restaurant. Unfortunately, my relatives were not accustomed to its taste. Other reasons why this didn't make the cut? Because it is breaded and deep fried. 

 Sliced Roast Beef with Mushroom

Sliced Roast Beef was gone in like a few minutes! Everybody loves this dish ; )

 Baby Back Ribs

 Albeit a bit dry and lacking in sauce, the baby back ribs was surprisingly tender and tasty.

 Boneless Chicken BBQ

 Boneless Chicken BBQ is an all-time favorite. It's always a hit whenever this is served in parties!

 Broccoli with Two Kinds of Mushroom

Another hit was Broccoli with Two Kinds of Mushroom. 

 Thai Bagoong Fried Rice

Aside from Fish with Red Curry Sauce in Fruits, Thai Bagoong Fried Rice was also recently added on the menu of Verleo Catering. For me, the fried rice tasted bland but my nephew said that it was his favorite!

 slices of egg, mango and cucumber for Thai Bagoong Fried Rice

Korean Japchae

 Buco Pandan
 Mango Crepe


 Yes, I can have a cake and eat it too!

Thanks to all our families for making our 10th wedding anniversary a memorable one! Cheers!

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