Lola Cafe + Bar in Quezon City

April 19, 2013

Lola Cafe Bar
99 Sct. Lozano St.,
Quezon City

Happy Mother's Day!

Quezon City never runs out of new restaurants and that's one of the reasons why I love living here. Last month, I tried this new restaurant called Lola Cafe + Bar with my girl friends. We sampled a few dishes, there are some hits and misses. I found out that the restaurant just opened a few months before and maybe it is still finding its identity and flavor. Well, there's always room for improvement.

Garden Salad PhP 280

Romaine, arugula, cucumber, parmesan with candied walnut, feta cheese, fresh tomato and greek vinaigrette

An order of Garden Salad is good for sharing. The vegetable were not wilted and the amount dressing was just right. I also loved the shaved parmesan, candied walnut and feta cheese. These ingredients reminded me of Cyma's Roka Salata.

For our other orders, read after the break...

Mushroom Soup PhP 150

Fresh mushroom and porcini with crushed cashew nuts

This bowl of Mushroom soup was ordered by my friend, G. It was a miss because it was bland. My other friend and I took a sip and we were all one in saying that we could not really understand the flavor or the lack of it.

Gambas Y Chorizo PhP 280

fresh prawns and chorizo, sauteed in olive oil and lots of garlic with tortilla

We wanted to try Camembert Cheese under Appetizer but the price is steep at PhP 360. Anyway, we ordered Gambas Y Chorizo instead and boy, we were so glad we did! We cleaned the plate in no time. The shrimp was succulent and the chorizo evens out the taste of this dish. Clap, clap for this dish!

Raspberry Iced Tea PhP 55

I have not eaten in any restaurant yet where the iced tea served was not too sweet. Lola's version was not an exception, I had to ask for a glass of water so I can mixed it in my drink. But my two other friends liked it, maybe to each his own.

Also available in Lemonade and Pink Lemonade. 

Crispy Tofu Squares PhP 180

lightly fried tofu served with oyster sauce and button mushroom

All three of us agreed that the Crispy Tofu Squares was a hit! It was crunchy outside yet soft inside ; ) This is one order you should not miss especially if you love tofu like me and my friends.

Spicy Tinapa PhP 185

Smoked fish with olive oil, chili flakes and fresh tomatoes

This Spicy Tinapa is anything but spicy. In fact, it was lacking in favor. There was a generous serving of tinapa but it was not enough to bring out the flavor of this dish. 

we added Gambas Y Chorizo's leftover sauce over this pasta dish...yummy!
tenderloin skewers PhP 300

beef tenderloin grilled with tomatoes, bell pepper, onions, served with garlic yogurt dressing

Tenderloin Skewers was another dish that didn't pass our taste buds ; p The beef was not tender and I had a hard time chewing it. It was not even well-done.
my girls and I

I know this post was really late. I had to post this before our scheduled food trip next Tuesday ; ) I spotted another new restaurant and we will definitely going to try that one next!

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