Mann Hann in Robinsons Magnolia

July 11, 2013

Mann Hann
3rd floor Cinema Level
Robinsons Magnolia

Fresh lumpia? Check! Maki Mi? Check! These items on the menu are what DH and I would usually order whenever we are in Mann Hann. Yesterday, I was with my family that's why I ordered a little bit more, I added Kikiam and Lechon Macau with Tofu to the mix.

Mann Hann fiesta

I think I over ordered. We were only four adults but I ordered the following: 2 orders of Fresh Lumpia, 2 orders of Kikiam, a bowl of Maki Mi, Lechon Macau with Tofu and 2 cups of rice. 

I was not able eat my share of fresh lumpia ; ( I took it home and it is still inside the refrigerator. I know, I should eat it right away. Anyway, for a closer look at what we have ordered, read after the break...

Maki Mi PhP 200

We were all caught by surprise when a huge bowl of Maki Mi was served right in front of us. Mom was able to divide one order into four small cups ; p

It was my dad who noticed that the meat was different- it looks like grounded meat turned into a ball. He said it was better tasting and easier to chew than the old version. 
Lechon Macau with Tofu PhP 275

I should not have listened to the waitress when she recommended Lechon Macau with Tofu. Half of the meat was fatty. What do I expect from a Lechon Macau, right? I know, it was my fault ; ( 

Anyway, I like how the tofu was cooked so that is this dish's saving grace.

Kikiam PhP 85

I <3 Mann Hann's Kikiam and the atchara (pickled vegetables) goes well with this dish. 
Fresh Lumpia (sliced into two) PhP 85 per piece

dad enjoying his small bowl of maki mi

What do you order when you dine in Mann Hann?

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