Lalaloopsy Costume by Baby Fashionistas

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Todo na 'to! I had my little angel's Lalaloopsy costume tailor-made by Baby Fashionistas. Before that, I searched everywhere including SM, the store that got it all (not!), for a tutu that would fit my baby's tiny waist to no avail.

Lalaloopsy's Cloud E. Sky PhP 4,000 3,500

Materials used:
  • #6 Star Satin Light Pink
  • #23 French Tulle 
  • #x94 Gaze Faconne

Her measurements:

  • Sh- 8
  • C- 19
  • W- 18
  • Hips- 19
  • Sh 2W- 8
  • CW- 5
  • Wk- 9
  • Wh- 16
  • Armhole- 10 1/2
  • S length- 7
  • Shoes- 5-4

I drove all the way to Sta. Mesa for size measurement on the first week of July. I brought along Cloud E. Sky doll as peg ; ) I deposited PhP 1,000 and paid for the balance when I took home the costume.

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