#babyMartinez Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S4

September 26, 2013

Earlier this week, I was in one of the shops in Bridgeway, Greenhills Shopping Center to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505) unit. I gave it as an early birthday present to DH. I let him choose the color and he picked Brown Autumn. It was a great choice of color, never mind that it was pricier compared to other colors like Black Mist and White Frost. Best of all, the smart phone made DH happy and that puts me in a good mood too ; )

 #babyMartinez's tiny foot

That night DH let me unbox his unit but as I was tearing the sticker seal on the side of the box, #babyMartinez climbed up the bed. Can you spot her foot in the photo above? ; p At that moment, I realized I can't  capture a single decent photo for this entry so you have to make do of what you see here hahaha

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 what's inside? A gorgeous smartphone

 paid additional for 1 year Samsung warranty

Note: To know if your phone is under Samsung warranty, look for the NTC seal/sticker and another sticker on top part which says Samsung one year warranty. 

 cable, adapter, battery, earphones and quick start guide

look what happened to the box ; p

#babyMartinez pulled the box apart waaaaaaaah! That's what I get for letting her unbox the Samsung Galaxy S4 ; p

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