All You Can Eat at Fushimi in Woodbine, Markham ON

October 11, 2013

Fushimi Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Unit 3 7501 Woodbine Ave.,
Markham, ON L3R 2W1

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

After visiting Applewood Farm Winery, we headed to Fushimi for dinner. It was a long day and #babyMartinez showed signs (e.g. watery eyes and runny nose) that she was not feeling well. She had an allergy attack the next day. My pedia gave me a bottle of Muconase before I left for Toronto and it was really helpful. Thank God, the allergy lasted only for a day. Shopping lang pala ang katapat. We spent the next two days in Toronto Premium Outlets but that would be for another entry.

Global Signature Roll

The All-You-Can-Eat buffet here in Ontario is quite different than the ones we have there in Manila. It is on per order basis. Basically, you just have to write down the corresponding number to your order on a piece of paper provided by the restaurant. The waitress would then it serve you. You can write down as many as you like as the orders come in trickle.

For price per head, read more after the break....

Grilled Frog Legs
 Ok, I eat frog legs but these are so huge, I lost appetite when I saw them ; (

Shrimp Tempura

Of course, I have to order my favorite shrimp tempura!

White Tuna
If I am not mistaken, the photo above is White Tuna. You got me, I didn't touch it because I don't eat sashimi except for Mackerel.

Japanese Baked Mussels

This order looks a lot like New Zealand Mussels to me.


This is just one of DH's weird orders. I don't even know what to make out of it. I was busy attending to #babyMartinez's needs. She vomited in the middle of our dinner ; ( The worst of it all, we forgot to bring the baby bag with us. I know, right?! But do not be judgmental, I am sure that you also forgot some things at one point. It was really a tiring day.

Deep Fried Scallop

Not so good, I will skip the deep-fried-whatever on my next visit.


After the episode, DH was not able to take photos of our other orders. Everybody was too busy eating so we can get home.

Chicken Ramen

We ordered Chicken Ramen and Vegetable Fried Rice for our little girl.

For dessert, pudding and ice cream are available...

Matcha Green Tea ice cream

Black Sesame ice cream
 I also ordered Red Bean ice cream which is soo good, I forgot to take photo before eating it ; p

Mango Pudding

Here's the schedule of Fushimi All-You-Can-Eat Buffet:

Monday to Thursday 3:30pm to 10:00pm

Adult- $20.99

Friday to Sundays including holidays

Adult- $23.99
Senior- $17.99
Child 4 to 9- $13.99

Next post will be the loot I got from Toronto Premium Outlets... exciting!

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