My Journey to a Sexier Me with Marie france

Marie France
3/F CKB  Building
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Last November 2013, I signed up with Marie France to help me fight against my battle with the bulge. I was overweight by 10 pounds ; ( I think in any slimming program, the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose. Hard but not impossible!

My thinspiration shirt courtesy of Marie France; taken the day I signed up with them

My Marie France Pro Plus Program includes 42 sessions of Fat Mobilization System (FMS) and 20 sessions of Physique Inch-Loss.

To learn more about my journey to a sexier me, read more after the break...

My Health Planner

Prior to the start of my program, I was given a health planner, it's some sort of a food diary where I have to list down all my food intake. From that planner, I learned that I was taking in 1500 kcal per day on average. To lose weight I have to take in only 1200 kcal... aaack!

getting ready for my Fat Mobilization System

My initial weigh in result was 126.12. With my height and body frame, I need to lose at least 10 pounds for my weight to be considered normal. I go to the center religiously, at least three times a week. On my 13th visit (what an unlucky number!), I plateaued at 122 from 121.12 previous weigh in... gaaaaah!

Fat Mobilization System

FMS is the primary weight-loss procedure at Marie France. FMS programs consist of 30-minute treatment sessions, backed up by the largest selection of fat reduction, body-sculpting and toning technologies.
FMS uses body wraps developed in Switzerland and are scientifically proven to accelerate the body’s natural biochemical process and enzyme activity. It promotes real fat elimination and is ideal for general weight-loss.
  • Consistently proven for over 4 decades
  • Reduces weight through thermogenesis – a technique that cools unwanted body fat
  • Can be specifically targeted to parts of the body where fat is most troubling

What's inside a Marie France treatment room? A bed to relax in and lie down

a closet for your clothes and bag

A single 25-minute session of FMS results in weigh-loss of 0.5195 pounds

Fat Mobilization System is a cold wrap. Think mentholated, cooling sensation wrapped all around your body, from your neck down to your ankles. It's sooo cold that I have to do some jumping jacks or other form of exercise while watching KrisTV to get my mind off the winter cold feeling.

I call the device on the left My Panic Button- one press and a treatment staff will come knocking at your door lol

Ok, so after learning of my predicament, the nutritionist had to see me and gave me a 1200 kcal meal plan which up to this day, I was not able to follow to a T ; p But let me say this, I try to portion what I eat/drink now. For example, I like drinking milk tea. I used to order large sized drink, now I limit myself to a medium sized drink and more often than not I share it with my mom or my sister. Or let's say, I am craving for a cake, I would still order one but would only take a slice or two ; p Sweets are a staple in my diet and I can't control it.

As for the meal plan, I learn to love Cottage Cheese (Kesong Puti) and I have been including it in my diet.

Depilex Physique Ultima

On my 12th visit, I started with Physique Inch-Loss. This treatment is done right after FMS. I was just laying down while the machine does everything else ; ) This is my favorite, it's like a zen moment for me after running around like a headless chicken ; p

Depilex Physique Ultima

Get a firmer, tighter midsection with Physic Inch-Loss.
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation builds, tones and strengthens muscles in the abdomen, flanks and back. The result – firmer, slimmer tummy and thighs.
  • Firms and tightens abs
  • One 15-minute session equals to the effect of doing 225 sit-ups with no stress and pain!

What prompted me to write about this is that after missing my treatment schedule for exactly 3 weeks, I am proud to say that I maintained my weight and lost at least 1 more pound. I was so worried that I would gain all the pounds I lost and worst, gained a few more right after the holidays!

I used to wear jeans A LOT! Today, my new year's resolution is to wear dress more often

After my 16th visit, I am now down to 121.12. I lost a total of 5 pounds! For people like me who are having a hard time losing the last ten pounds this is all what I can say, there's still hope for us ; ) Now that I am 5 down and there's 5 more to go, I am more inspired than ever to achieve a sexier me this 2014!

Thank you to my Marie France family for sending this huge, pink bag

...Adore fragrances & Aqua Fresco Men

Moringa-O products

and Gluta-C

Inspired?! Check out the different weigh loss solutions of Marie France by clicking here. Who knows? You might see a SEXIER YOU this 2014!


Read about Marie France FMS Plus here... more tolerable but just as effective as the regular FMS.

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