Korean Garden in Niagara Falls

October 14, 2013

Korean Garden
7197 Stanley Ave.,
Niagara Falls, ON
(905) 354 3800

It was close to 8pm when we arrived at Korean Garden after our afternoon trip to Niagara Falls. Not even one car was parked in its parking lot. We had our doubts but every single one in our group was so hungry. We went in, nobody entertained us. There was a group of diners on one side, we chose to seat on the other end of the restaurant.

beef $30

An old Korean lady handed us the menu as soon as we were able to find our seat. Apparently, this Korean restaurant is run by a Korean couple with no staff but its own family members. Since only two tables were occupied that night, the service was fast and efficient. Our orders came in succession. Read more after the break...

what the beef looked like when it was served to us

The beef was under the pile of vegetables of top.  The menu said that it was only good for two people. The serving was big even DH was impressed. We were four in our group and we were able to share it among ourselves.

The beef was tender but the soup was kinda sweet. it's like I am downing teriyaki sauce lol

The following were the banchan served to us:

steamed broccoli

beef... too salty!

spicy vegetable

pickled mushrooms



samgyupsal $30
We requested for some veggies for sangchu-ssam. There's no sesame leaves available ; ( Only lettuce was served to us.

it was fatty
Our bill came to about $70 including tax and 10% service charge, pretty expensive compared to the Korean restaurants that we have there in Manila.

It took us one and a half hour to travel back to our place. It was a long drive and #babyMartinez was cranky because she was not able to poop the whole day, she was crying the whole time. I can't even held her in my arms because she has to be in the car seat the whole time... super kawawa! I can't even look at her face. Poor baby girl. The next day, she was able to do her thing and she was back to her happy, normal self. Thank God!

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