Lunch at Wild Wing in Toronto

Wild Wing

It has been a week since we arrived in Toronto but #babyMartinez has yet to cope up with the change of time zone. She still sleeps in the afternoon and wakes up around 3 or 4 in the morning... waaaaaah! And guess who stays with her? Yes, meeee ; (

Our schedule for two straight days---> Visit the park in the morning---> lunch---> shopping---> home by 3pm which is also her sleeping time. This is also about the time that she gets cranky in the car.

Wild Wing interior
Today we had our lunch in Wild Wing. The restaurant has just opened when we got there. A friendly staff greeted us and immediately offered us a high chair. She even asked if our little girl wanted to color or draw. I commend her for being so warm and cheerful. Read more after the break...

We chose Triple (3 flavors in one order) $30.99, each order has 9 wings. A Single order costs $10.99 and includes celery, carrot and dip. Cowboy (10 flavors) costs $99.99.

Blue Moonshine
Under Giddy Up Cowboy, we chose Blue Moonshine---> Blue Cheese + BBQ. My favorite among the bunch. The Blue Cheese did it!

Dirty Nelly
 Under Backyard BBQ, it's Dirty Nelly---> BBQ + Medium. This is, hands down, DH's favorite ; p

Sweet Escape
Under Girls Gone Wild, the staff recommended Sweet Escape---> Honey Garlic + Gar Par. It was sweet at first bite but it tastes good too! More Gar Par please ; p

Sweet Potato Fries $7.49

Every restaurant I have been to is now serving kamote which they call Sweet Potato Fries. I like the Golden Mustard dipping sauce that goes with it.

Compared to our lunch at Swiss Chalet yesterday, my tummy and I are happier today. I am still open for suggestions for places to visit and eat.

Ok, going back to bed now ; )

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