Go For Tea in Toronto

Go For Tea
Unit 113-115
3700 Midland Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
416 292 0221

When I was in Toronto, I visited Go For Tea twice. As its name suggests, it is a milk tea place and a lot more!

During my first visit, I thought I was in a wrong place because the lights were dimmed and the sound gave a club vibe. I love the ambiance!

Hot Longan Jujube Tea

On my first visit, I was not prepared and didn't bring a camera with me so I kept bugging DH to go back ; p The photos you see here were all taken during my second visit.

DH ordered Hot Longan Jujube Tea. You can ask the waiter to refill your pot with hot water. Read more after the break...

Tapioca Milk Black Tea

There are many tea concoctions to choose from, I get dizzy just by looking at it lol I can't help it, I always end up ordering a Tapioca Milk Black in a giant mug. Yes, on both occasions. Yeah, I know, I am so predictable. I can't believe I was able to gulp it all down hahaha

Taiwanese Shaved Ice with Red Bean

Taiwanese Shaved Ice with Red Bean is not exactly like the shaved ice that we had during our visit in Taiwan. In Taiwan, the shaved ice is shaved Vanilla ice cream. This order was a total fail.

Popcorn Chicken with Spiced Salt & Green Onion

Our friend ordered a plate of Popcorn Chicken with Spiced Salt and Green Onion. I guess this tasted like the chicken chops we have here in Manila. I am not sure because I was not able to taste it but according to DH, the taste is similar.

I am on a 1200 kcal diet right now huhuhu My last milk tea was last Thursday... waaaaah! I hope I can stick with my diet plan.

Anyway, will keep you updated in my journey to a "Sexier You"!

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