San Sung Korean Restaurant in Makati City

November 7, 2013

San Sung Korean Restaurant
7830 Makati Ave.,
Poblacion, Makati
8901010   8907070

I often passed by San Sung Korean Restaurant but never got the chance to dine in. It was not until two weeks ago, while looking for a place to eat around Makati area, I spotted the same restaurant and decided to give it a try.

Gam Ja Tang PhP 700

Gam Ja Tang is one spicy soup. It serves as one whole meal because it has noodles and meat along with a generous serving of veggies. If you are fond of anything spicy then this is what you should order. My husband finished two whole bowls in one sitting.

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10 banchan on the table

my favorite- sweetened peanut

Dweaji Galbi PhP 300

Dweaji Galbi or pork ribs is a favorite of mine. The meat is tender. It was already sliced when served so it was easier for me to portion my meat on my samgyupsal.

So Galbi PhP 450

I tried cooking my own So Galbi or Beef Ribs at home by ordering from the main ingredient  from my favorite meat shop but sadly, the meat was hard to chew. Far from the galbi I have tasted while I was vacationing in Korea.

These days, I try to order galbi whenever I see one on the menu. In San Sung, the beef was tender and flavorful. It was easy to chew too.

To complete samgyupsal meal- sesame leaves, lettuce, chili and garlic

Pajeon PhP 250

 So far, the best pajeon or seafood pancake I have tasted is from Jang Ga Nae.

Galbi Tang PhP 300

We ordered a clear soup for #babyMartinez. She loved it. I took home the rest of the soup so will have "ulam" for the next day to come ; p

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