Brownies Unlimited Introduces New Flavors + Brownie Chips

Oh, lookie! I got a surprise from Brownies Unlimited. Several pouches of Brownie Chips and a boxful of Brownies Unlimited new flavors (yes, all twelve of them) were delivered a few days ago at my home.

Brownies Unlimited 12 new flavors in a gift box and the new Brownie Chips

 Check out what's inside after the break...

12 new & improved flavors!

(top left to right): S'mores, Coffee Crunch, Black & White, Mississippi
(middle left to right): Red Velvet, Choc O' Malt, Rocky Road, Sunburst
(bottom left to right): Potato Strings, Choc O' Chips, Walnut Swirl, Kriss Kross 

Here are my top 3 picks:

Coffee Crunch and Choc O' Malt

Coffee Crunch PhP 30

Chocolate-covered coffee crunch and caramel drizzle on cappuccino buttercream

Choc O' Malt PhP 30

Milk Chocolate malt ball


S'mores PhP 30

Burnt marshmallows, cashews, graham crackers and caramel drizzle

Price per brownie varies between PhP 25 and PhP 30 depending on variant. Brownies Unlimited is available in Box of 4 for PhP 90, Box of 6 for PhP 120, Box of 10 for PhP 150 and Box of 12 (one piece per variant) for PhP 220.

Brownie Chips 90g PhP 65

Inside the 90g pouch are bite-side pieces of Brownie Chips. It is made from dark chocolate and chocolate chips. It's thin, crispy and not too sweet.

Brownie Chips 90g PhP 65

It's too tempting not to finish everything in one seating hahaha I just have to remind myself that I am on a diet lol

Before I forget... If you want free boxes of Brownies Unlimited, please do share your best brownie experiences on Facebook and Instagram! Capture those moments and get a batch of sumptuous treats right in time for Christmas : )

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