Erich Gonzales Opens The Breakfast Club in Quezon City

December 10, 2013

The Breakfast Club- Great Starts, Happy Endings (beside Ajisen Ramen)
#43 Tirad Pass Street corner Sto. Domingo Avenue,
Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

I can count with my fingers the local television shows that I watch. My favorite is KrisTV, I watch the show during my FMS and Physique treatments in Marie France. I think it was late last week when Erich Gonzales guested and talked about her new business venture- The Breakfast Club - Great Starts, Happy Endings located in the corner of Sto. Domingo Ave., Quezon City.

with TV personality turned restaurateur, Ms. Erich Gonzales

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to drive to its location after some Christmas shopping in SM Sta. Mesa. At 1pm, the place was packed with diners and the parking area in front was full. I double park my car but not for long because the restaurant is more like a casual dining place. Diners would come and go, it's good business if you ask me.

We were given a table immediately after entering the restaurant. A few minutes later, Erich came in and got a table just beside ours. That's the time I requested for the photo-op above ; p She was gracious, I like her smile.

complimentary focaccia and wheat bread with butter

#babyMartinez loved the complimentary wheat bread served to us. I think she was able to eat one whole piece lol Dad and I thought otherwise, it was a bit sweet for a bread. I like focaccia better.

Chicken Caesar Oriental Salad PhP 150

Chicken Caesar Oriental Salad was served second to the last, before Korean Seafood Pancake. I regretted ordering it not because it was not good but because we were already full from the other dishes that came out earlier.

I have to request for an extra dressing because we could not find it in our order. This is basically vegetable salad topped with slices of tomatoes, oranges, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken.

This salad is good for one if you love vegetables as much as I do ; )

Cream of Mushroom PhP 85

We saved this order for #babyMartinez. She was not able to finish it because she was already too full from the wheat bread she ate ; p

Korean Seafood Pancake PhP 190

The Breakfast Club's Korean Seafood Pancake is my favorite. It has generous serving of succulent shrimps along with strips of bell pepper and onion. It's a bit spicy, be sure to dip it in the vinegared dipping sauce.

Chapchae PhP 150

Their version of Chapchae is saucy unlike the ones served in authentic Korean restaurants. Come to think of it, this dish looks a lot like sotanghon in the photo.

Bibimbap 175

I think it was Bibimbap that Kris Aquino was raving about on her TV show, KrisTV. The strips of beef actually tasted like Bistek Tagalog, I can taste calamansi when I chew on it. A Filipino twist in a Korean dish, not bad at all!

Like the dressing in the Chicken Caesar Salad, I had to request for an additional gochujang- the spicy Korean paste. It came right after three repeated requests.

Baby Back Ribs PhP 350

Baby Back Ribs came out in two racks. It's good for sharing. It's tender, meaty and saucy at the same time. It's definitely worth the price!

complimentary Classic Baked Cheese Cake PhP 155

You might be wondering why I ordered mostly Korean dishes despite the restaurant's name, it's because the manager recommended most of the food that were featured here. He said their Korean food is good which I think is a hit and miss. That, and the lack of availability of their breakfast item on their breakfast menu. Their bestseller, Premium Beef Tapa (PhP 195) is out of stock ; ( One reason to go back!

The restaurant just opened three weeks ago, it is still finding its personality. I say cut it some slack, it will eventually find one.

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