Family Food Trip at Shinjuku Makati

December 13, 2013

7853 Hercules St.,
Makati Ave., Makati City

My family had a late lunch last Saturday. I was circling around Makati to find a decent place to eat and then I spotted Shinkuju. Flashback!!! My husband and I used to dine in here whenever he feels like having a bowl of ramen. Since it was already three in the afternoon, I was able to park right outside the restaurant. I assumed that the restaurant would be empty but I was wrong, I spotted a few families and a couple on a date ; p

colorful bowl of Chirashi Sushi PhP 490

Anyway, we wanted a quick service and we got one. You can't blame us, we were all so hungry!!! Our orders came out in succession, starting with the complimentary soup (beef noodle... just the soup, ok?!), you have to request for it. I ordered an extra rice for #babyMartinez. As I am typing this, I am looking at the receipt, the plain rice costs PhP 85/cup. Whoa! That's one expensive rice if you ask me ; p

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6 piece Gyoza PhP 270

 My order of gyoza was the first to come out. This order reminded me of the dumplings I had in Taipei... pan fried! I love it!

Gyuniku Teppanyaki PhP 360

You can choose between  a teppanyaki or teriyaki version. I opted for teppanyaki. It turned out to be a bit salty, maybe because of too much soy sauce?

Here's a closer look at what's included in a Chirashi Sushi bowl....

Shrimp Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

Tamago Sashimi


Dad and his bowl of Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi means "scattered". It's a huge bowl of sushi rice mixed with fish, vegetables and other raw ingredients of your preference.

I find this bowl a bit expensive, it lacks some ingredients like fish roe and uni. But nonetheless, it made my dad happy.

I had to make this a quick post. I don't have an all around helper. Yeah, it sucks!!! I still have so many more stories to share but I have too little time, please bear with me. In the mean time, let me share with you an OOTD of #babyMartinez taken yesterday at her second home, Robinsons Magnolia ; p

#babyMartinez OOTD

blouse and pants: Chickeeduck
shoes: Pitter Pat white
bag: Princess

Have a happy weekend!

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