Food Trip at Green Pastures Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing

November 24, 2013

Green Pastures
4th Floor East Wing
Shangri-La Mall
6543219   09226334687

Ako na lang ata ang di pa nagkakapag Green Pastures! Para maging "in",  hinalugod ko pa ang buong East Wing, di kasi alam ng security guards kung san ito located. Paano ba naman... ang nasabi kong name ng restaurant eh... "Harvest" *toink!

Flounder Fish and Chips PhP 325
 Katipunan ala batter, yogurt dill tart tar sauce

My first attempt to dine in this restaurant was not successful. At that time, around 1pm, there were two groups ahead of us. We didn't bother to wait so we ended up eating lunch in Woo Galbi instead.

The second time around, I was more prepared. I ate lunch earlier than usual so I would not be too hungry to wait for a table. We were three in our group but the only table available was for two. We took it anyway. Wala ng arte-arte because this restaurant is always full.

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Flounder Fish... Ariel's best friend (not!)

I looked at the diners beside and in front of us, most of the them ordered Flounder Fish and Chips so I decided to give it a try too. The fish was good ah. The meat was not durog-durog. A slice of lemon was on the side and a vinegar too, just in case malansahan ka.


Sa totoo lang, ang itim at greasy ng fries ko, bordering to yucky. I asked the waiter if that's really how they serve their fries, parang ni-fry sa paulit-ulit na oil. He replied "may balat kasi." But that's not what I was asking, di ba? Malas ko lang kasi pang nth number of customer na siguro ako kaya ayan ang result. The waiter said he will ask the kitchen staff but he never came back to give me an answer. Look at how awful my fries were that day... nakakawalang gana ; (

Organic Melon Tea PhP 100

Buti nalang masarap ang Organic Melon Tea nila, kundi nakakasakit talaga ng ulo yun fries nila hahaha I can taste melon and tea at the same time... yummy pala ang ganung combination!

A refillable glass is PhP 155.

Sagada (Cordillera) PhP 105

                 Sweet nutty and well balanced, with hints of chocolate and fresh tobacco

My mom ordered a cup of coffee. I took a sip, it was sweet and strong definitely not for faint-hearted one like me ; p

I have so much more stories to tell but today is Sunday. Pag Sunday is my family day so chill muna!

Back to regular programing tomorrow!

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