Gota Village Resort Accommodation

In my previous entry, I forgot to include the photos of our room in Gota Village Resort, silly old me hahaha Anyway, I looked at iPhoto and found a few so I am now posting it here.

Gota Village Resort accommodation

This resort is operated by the government. The villa that I shared with my husband and kid was infested with ants. It lacks maintenance and it looks run-down. I hope the government can do something about the situation of the resort.

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our family stayed here

each villa has its own veranda

our air conditioned Villa

1 bedroom villa

extra bed near the entrance door

Amenities includes a TV, extra bed, a chair and a dresser.
inside the bedroom

toilet and bath

#babyMartinez was not feeling well that night. She woke up in the middle of the night crying as she could not breathe well... barado ang ilong! I have to carry her in my arms the entire time so she could sleep. My poor baby girl!

The next day, she was well and good. Well, this entry concludes our 6-day trip to Bicol. I can't wait to share with you the grandest wedding I have attended in my next entry!

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