Gota Village Resort Review

December 31, 2013

Gota Village Resort
Caramoan Island

On our last night, all vacationers who checked in at Hunongan Cove Resort were transferred to Gota Village Resort for the celebration of the new year. As usual, the day was packed with activities like trekking and kayaking. Meanwhile, #babyMartinez and I preferred to stay inside the comforts of our room. 

breathtaking view from top

The photo was taken on top of the mountain overlooking the island. This indicated that DH and other members of his family were able to reach the top... yey! Going down was an even greater challenge. It took them several hours before the reached the ground.

Read more to view the rest of the resort....

Gota Village Resort


Gota Village Resort office

Gota Village Resort restaurant

The food is not buffet. You have to choose in advance what you will be having for the next meal. Items on the meu are limited. I survived 4 days with Glazed Chicken, Tinolang Manok and pork BBQ for lunch and dinner. Breakfast has limited selection too. You can choose from Tapa, Tocino and the usual breakfast fares. Drinks are available at no additional cost.

props used in the US reality TV series Survivor

game room

pathway to our living area

rows of rented villas

individual houses for guests

rented Gota villas as seen on top of the mountain

very nice view on top


this was the mountain they climbed

The New Year's Eve party sucks! The guests were mostly tired from the activities. The resort served complimentary lechon and salad. The music was blaring so loud but no one was dancing ; p Before midnight, we were already in bed lol

it's really nice to wake up with blue skies in the morning

The service was average. Toiletries are available upon request. The massage was below average, well, to be honest, a total waste of money.

I can't believe we brought s much stuff with us for this trip

When it was just DH and I, we only bring the dark green duffel bag (snorkeling set) and neon green bag for our swimsuits and change clothes hahaha What a difference a 1 year old baby makes!

Guijalo Port in Caramoan

I forgot to include photos of our room, I have to find it in my iPhoto and will post it soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

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