#babyMartinez Wears A Rainbow Loom Bracelet in Fishtail Pattern

Ever since my mom's 10 year old student gave #babyMartinez her very own Rainbow Loom bracelet in fishtail pattern, she didn't want to take it off. She wears it even when she is drinking her milk lol

#babyMartinez and her fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet

Look at how curious she is with her new toy hahaha I take it off when she sleeps. I don't have an idea where this trend started but from what I have gathered, most grade schoolers are so into it. I heard some girls who have entrepreneurial skills sell them for as cheap as PhP 20 per bracelet. 

Rainbow Loom Fishtail Pattern

Rainbow Loom is the trend these days but parents should be aware that there are fake or counterfeit already coming out in the market. Click here to learn about the danger of counterfeits and how to spot them.

Rainbow Loom C-clip

Naubusan ata ng same color yung bata kaya magkaiba yung colors ng band hahaha

model hand ni #babyMartinez

Hmmm... #babyMartinez! Mommy said to look at the camera and not away from the camera hahaha

even my mom has her own Rainbow Loom bracelet

Aba! At terno ang mag lola! Di talaga papatalo ang mother ko at meron din siyang para sa sarili niya lol

I borrowed my mom's Rainbow Loom bracelet for pictorial purposes

Click on the video tutorial above if you want to watch and learn how to make a fishtail pattern of the Rainbow Loom bracelet. For other Rainbow Loom patterns, click here.
Enjoy and thank you, Danni!

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