Valentine's Dinner at Madison's Bistro Moderne in EDSA Shangrila Hotel

Madison's Bistro Moderne
Ground Floor (former location of Fully Booked),
EDSA Shangrila Hotel

DH is not keen on celebrating Valentine's Day. He said that it's too commercial for his consumption. I already succumb to the fact that we will be home for dinner on Friday, February 14.

Thankfully, one of his friends organized a pre-Valentine's dinner last week at the newest fine dining restaurant in town- Madison's Bistro Moderne. This chichi restaurant located at the ground floor of EDSA Shangrila Hotel evokes grandeur and sophistication, very ideal for couple who wanted an intimate and romantic dinner. Warning... be prepared to splurge!

Roasted Duck Breast PhP 680

An order consists of two sliced roasted duck breast with braised red cabbage, potato lyonnaise and five spice jus.

The meat was tender in every bite, although additional slices in every order would not hurt for the price I paid ; p

Pistachio Crusted Black Cod Fish PhP 650

Pistacio Crusted Black Cod Fish was initially my order but I was taken aback by how salty it was. Three of us ordered the same thing, it was only my order that tasted strange.

One good thing about dining in this kind of restaurant is that they would gladly replace your order, no questions asked.

Our friend, Ryan, suggested I order Roasted Duck Breast instead and I did. I am glad I listened to his suggestion, the roast duck was delicious albeit small in serving!

Confit Kurobuta Pork Belly PhP 750

There were eight of us in our group and three of them, including DH, ordered the same thing- Confit Kurobuta Pork Belly.

Two of our friends commented how tender the meat was. One of them even demonstrated how he can take the meat apart by just using his fork.

When it was DH's turn, he can hardly sliced it especially the top part. Although crunchy, we supposed it was overcooked (?). The consistency was not the same.

Anyway, he still ate and finished the entire thing or else his PhP 750 will just go to waste hehehe

complimentary bread and butter

bread selection- focaccia, breadstick and dinner roll

Here's the rest of what we ordered...

Speck and Goat Cheese Mousse PhP 650

We all liked this Speck and Goat Cheese Mousse so much that we ordered 2 more!

Crusted Blue Fin Tuna PhP 350

No umay factor!

Stuffed Eggplant PhP 380

 Stuffed eggplant was the most expensive appetizer with just two prawns and two slices of eggplant ; (

We missed ordering Foie Gras Ballantine PhP 550. I might go back just for that!

Mixed Green Salad PhP 295

Baby Arugula Salad PhP 350

For salad, we ordered 2 out of the three listed on the menu. We left out Caesar Salad PhP 295. I find the Mixed Green Salad more appealing to me.

When dining out, always leave room for desserts...

Wild Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fondant PhP 250

Walnut Parfait PhP 265

Wild Berries Soup with Vanilla Thyme Ice Cream PhP 250

Pistachio Mousse Tart with Mascarpone Cream PhP 265

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Strawberry Consomme PhP 250

For dessert, we ordered everything that's on the menu. I love the Wild Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fondant the most. It's so good that it was the only dessert that was stuck in my mind hahaha It reminded me of Molten Chocolate Cake... only better!

Cafe Latte PhP 115

There's only a short list you can chose from their coffee- Americano PhP 110, Long Black PhP 120, Cappucino PhP 115, Espresso PhP 110 and Double Espresso PhP 130.

Here's what the two kids ordered that night, #babyMartinez included:

Pea Soup with Poached Egg and Crispy Prosciutto PhP 250

plain rice- I love the heavy duty container!!!

Potato Gnocchi PhP 480

there's an open kitchen behind the curtains

We were seated in a private dining room where there's an open kitchen behind the heavy curtains, I forgot to ask how much is the consumable rate ; ( But just to give you an idea, for our group of 8 pax and 2 kids, we spent close to PhP 13,000 that night, tax and service charge included.

Madison's Bistro Moderne Valentines Menu

Madison's Bistro Moderne is just on its soft-opening phase so there's definitely a few hits and misses. I heard from a grapevine that one of its chef was from Vask.

Madison's Valentine offering is a huge saving for only PhP 1,750+ per person. Oh, if only I can ask DH to take me out on Valentine's Day!

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