Globe DSL sucks, BIG TIME!

It's been almost two weeks and each day i call twice or thrice in their hotline. I'm having a really hard time with their service and their customer service representative (CSR). Globe is very inefficient. Their technical support and their CSR does not correlate their findings and thus when I call each CSR gave me a different status of my trouble report. I even spoke to their team leader who told me she will do everything in her power to get me a connection but that was days ago. A tech support called me that their technician will be coming by last Wednesday i think, I waited to no avail. HMMMP GRRRRRRR

The last time I talked to them, they told me about a barangay permit they have to secure to be able to got to their cable cabinet for the repair. That was Wednesday night and the CSR told me that the next day, tech people will be working on our cabinet but surprise, surprise... i'm now in DH office and still no connection at home.

Anybody has the same experience as mine? GRRRRRRR!!!!!!