Max Brenner on a Sunday Afternoon Delight!

My visit: June 15, 2008

Max Brenner
beside Cinemas
4th level Trinoma Mall 

Whenever my DH and I watched a movie at Trinoma, I usually ask him to take me to Max's, as in Brenner, not the chicken house hehe My DH often decline stating we are not really into chocolates.
Lucky for me,  my sister wanted to treat my dad on his special day- Father's Day! 

fondue- PhP 382

We went to Max Brenner to try their fondue- PhP 382. A mix of slice brownies, biscuits, mallows and fruits (banana and apple) on a plate was served. A separate plate of parmesan cheese and grated nuts was placed on our table. You can use it as toppings when you dip the fruits on white- taste better for me, or brown chocolate fondue. 

Trinidad White Choco- PhP 141

Dad ordered a Venezuela Dark Choco- PhP 141 Placed on a hug mug, an obscurely shaped mug that meant for you to hold the mug with both hands and sip on its narrow side. A very tricky mug if for first timers like us. Sis ordered Trinidad White Choco- PhP 141 also on a hug mug. Bro and I got to split the Strawberry White Choco for PhP 266. Why the split, you ask? For obvious reason that the price is quite high for an order of strawberry milk shake that has a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. Totally not worth your money. Bummer! Lastly, mom ordered a brewed coffee at PhP 88.

It was nice to try it once in while but DH was right that I am not really into chocolates. Maybe I'll be back after hmmm hehe *counting the months and years ahead*

nice presentation, cool ambiance

no metal drinking straw that goes in our alice mug as stated in the menu hehe
sky high price, of course it's just for my standards