No Hope for a Globe DSL

For the third week, I am still here at my DH's office trying to blog about our #@% DSL connection! Still no connection at our house. I talked to a CSR yesterday and he was teling me that our barangay couldn't give them a permit and that one of their personnel was jailed but bailed out last week.

I remember clearly that another CSR told me that they already secured a permit and it was their area head that secured it on  thursday last week. So how the heck that yesterday this particular CSR was telling that the barangay was not issuing one or them. I even ask the CSR on what grounds was the technician locked in prison... answer... tatarantaran... trespassing. I sarcastically told him, "in your own property?" and he answered YES! This time this CSR wanted me to go and ask for the permit from the barangay myself, what a bull #@!

It's their problem and I'm stressing myself and paying them. I can't believe how these people can not connect and correlate themselves with their technicians. I have already talked to two of their supervisors and what did they do.... NOTHING! As and added insult to the injury, they have sent me a bill! The NERVE!!!! pweh!