Ruby Tuesday on a Saturday!

My visit: June 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday
Trinoma Mall

Nothing much to blog in this restaurant but since I've lots of spare time while waiting for my DH to finish his job, might as well do some writing.

Typical american themed restaurants like Chili's, Friday's is what reminded me of Ruby Tuesday. I watch the restaurant being constructed week by week and when it opened, I finally urged my DH to try it out. He was not too keen on American cuisine for most dish are deep fried and unhealthy. But he went on with me.

BBQ ribs PhP440

I ordered a half slab classic BBQ ribs (PhP440) and DH had a classic Cheese burger (PhP 340). When my ribs arrived, I looked at it and seemed not satisfied with the way it was cooked. I don't know if it's just me but I find the color of the ribs too dark. i find it too dry. I talked to the waitress about it but she just asked me if I wanted an extra barbecue sauce with it. I decline and just told her to tell their kitchen staff so they can do something about it. I have tasted better ribs in other restaurant. 

classic Cheese burger PhP 340

With regards to my DH's order, he was satisfied and I can even see the juice falling out of his burger. Although a bit messy, the burger tasted good. The order came with french fries. I asked for a honey mustard dip for the fries- good thing they didn't charge extra for it. I actually liked my DH's order than mine hehe It might be long gone before we ever goin' back.

tasty, juicy burger

not palatable ribs