What's in Choi's name?

My visit: June 12, 2008

Mr. Choi Kitchen
First Floor Waltermart,
Munoz, Quezon City

The newly built Waltermart now creates traffic when you pass EDSA/ Munoz.  We often pass this route and now we have the chance to see it one Thursday afternoon. We decided to eat first before doing our mall inspection hehe
We chanced upon Mr. Choi's Kitchen on the first floor fronting the supermarket. Thinking it is a sister company of Choi Garden in Annapolis, Greenhills, we enter the restaurant. It turned out its not related and I think, with its numerous branches, it started way earlier than the one in Greenhills. 

 Seafood Vegetable with Fried Noodle (SFVFN)- PhP 168

The waiters were very attentive. They immediately gave us a menu and sweetened peanuts which they also sell in a bottle. 

Roast Duck/ Asado rice- PhP 160

We ordered Roast Duck/ Asado rice- PhP 160 and a  glass of soya milk- PhP 45 and a Seafood Vegetable with Fried Noodle (SFVFN)- PhP 168 with  botle of C2 Greentea for PhP 38. The roast duck/asado rice was good for 2 pax. Bowl serving is huge. The roast duck/asado tasted good along with its accompanying sauce. For the SFVFN, although it also came with a big bowl, fried noodle separated, it was a bit disappointing as only a mere two pieces of breaded fish fillet was found and a couple of strands of kani- japanese crab meat. It tasted good though. As the serving is also huge, we decided to finish the roast duck/ asado rice and take out the remaining SFVFN.

After being inside the ref for two days, fried noodles is still in crunchy and tasty state. We did not put it in the toaster to heat just the Seafood Vegetable. It tasted still the same. The quality has not diminished. Overall, we will go back as the price is average and the servings are huge hehe 

value for money
nice interior

seafood ingredient was not enough