33rd wedding anniversary.... top that!

With divorce and annulment readily available in the Philippines and other countries, couples reaching this number are as precious as a gem. That's what it is with my parents, they are one H-O-T couple as mags these days would say. Dad and Mom recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary, July 20 to be exact.
People may wonder what's the secret to a happy, lasting marriage... I still can't tell you as I am only married for 5 *happy* years... a long way to go, if you ask me hehe But as far as I can see, there are several factors why mom and dad are still going stronger each day in their relationship:

1. ) their relationship is more on giving than taking
2. ) one shuts up when the other one is angry
3. ) my dad is the romantic one; mom is ... well, the opposite hehe opposite attracts
4. ) they bond every now and then
5. ) dad still surprises mom with gifts *hint hint* for my hubby hehehehe
6. ) they still look good for each other
7. ) they can talk anything and everything under the sun
8. ) they support and value each other
9. ) they go to church together
10.) well, they love each other hehe

Maybe if every couple has these traits in them, DIVORCE would not be in the dictionary. Whatchatink?