McDreamy vs McSteamy

Watching Grey's Anatomy every night and seeing McDreamy and McSteamy is very addicting. Of course, I already said in my past post that I am NOT into McDreamy. FYI, I'm into McSteamy hehe He looks really G-O-O-D! Especially if he is pondering on his next move haha OH-MY-GAWD! I love his eyes and his sneaky smile hardiharhar! Plus, I like his hair compared to McDreamy's long and wavy hair. McSteamy's face is always fresh compared to McDreamy's just-got-out-of-bed look! I also like his disposition- always POSITIVE.


Alright enough of the comparison... Dr. Addison Montgomery has just discovered that she could not have a child. Pity her, sometimes life isn't fair. When you really want something in the right moment, you can't have it. Will George really leave for Mercy West, I think he should... what ? with Izzy fooling around with him, he should take care of his marriage with Dr. Torres. At first, I don't like Dr. Torres for George, she is too H-U-G-E for him hehe But in the recent episodes, she became much more lovable and huggable too! haha In fact, I hated Izzy for sleeping with George.


Last night, We watched an episode where Meredith was slapped hard on the face by her dad. Whoa! the suck! Now, she is all alone. I think Derek should give his full support on Meredith and not think twice about their relationship. Hello... she loves him!

Enough of these crazy blah blah on Grey's Anatomy hehe Till next post!