Cheers to Mom and Dad!

July 20, 2008

Heat, Edsa Shangri- La Hotel
Garden Wing, Ortigas Center
633-8888 loc 2740 or 2741

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: International
Location: Mandaluyong City

My parents were kind enough to let us join in celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary! Mom reserved 3 tables, 2 pax each, for lunch. They have this policy that you can use only one card per table so even though you belong to a group your table should have spaces in between. Which is not the case NOT HAPPENING in Spiral- Hotel Sofitel.

One table had mom and pop seating facing each other. Second table was where my bro and sis were seated. And lastly, DH and I. They arrived on time while DH and I were behind by half an hour because of the traffic we had to endure of the Mega sale in SM mall. While there, I went in for the sushi to my dismay- no Tamago sashimi. I asked for a shrimp tempura and NOTHING also- it turned out that they only serve it during Fridays. I settled for a california maki which tasted better with a soy sauce. Next stop, the roast beef. As I approched, I can see blood and ask if it can be cooked well done. The man behind the counter sliced thin the beef then proceeded to cooked it well done as I've requested. I got a glimpse of the lambs which is my favorite. I couldn't resist the lamb so I quickly got a piece and ask for the mint which the girl from the counter is hiding the much coveted sauce... DARN! I couldn't get some more hehe When I went back to my seat I have a difficult time to slice my lamb meat. Is it the knife? I asked for a new knife and sliced the meat thruough with less difficulty. But upon reaching my mouth, chewing is impossible. I'm so DISSAPPOINTED!!! That's what I am looking forward to pa naman! 

Anyway, got up again this time to taste the chinese cuisine. I requested for the roast duck in a wrapper. Bits of roasted duck were placed inside the wrapper that when you eat it, you can't taste the duck. For my next attempt, I got a lobster and a crab and I let it steam in the chinese section. This too didn't suit well as the lobster become a bit hard to chew and the crab.. hmmm hard to eat. Their salad bar offered enough selection of veggies. I got myself some veggies and decided to get the balsamic vinegar as dressing. I topped it off with parmesan cheese and bacon bits! Satisfied with these! Desserts offer quite an interesting fare. From the teppanyaki ice cream fare to the crepe and taho. The cakes were so many and looks too sweet so I didn't eat anything. The fruits according to my DH lacks in taste.

Overall, this is like a carinderia dressed as a 5 star restaurant hehe And I can't get their concept as being exclusive. Unlike in Spiral, you can eat in one table even as a group and a card is worth 50% off unlike here only 33% and your tables are separated. Their food quality is way too low for the price that they are asking.

hmmm... none hehe

PhP 1700+/pax