Cafe Illustrado

July 13, 2008

Cafe Illustrado
4th level, SM Makati

My parents wanted to try out this restaurant at the 4th level of SM Makati. You can passed by Cafe Illustrado on the way to SM appliance center.

pancit bihon PhP150

We got a seat right away beside a group of older women. The restaurant serves Filipino merienda fares and some entree. After minutes on pondering on their 2 page menu- nothing much to offer I tell you, my two other siblings decided to eat at Mc Donald's. Which left my parents and I to order from the restaurant. We asked their merienda specialty and the waiter suggested the palabok. But since we don't want it and my dad misses the pancit bihon in his younger days, we agreed on ordering Pancit Bihon (PhP150), mini Monay (PhP5) and 2 cups of brewed coffee ( PhP50@).

mini Monay PhP5 each

The order came piping hot and looks delicious but once you've tasted it, you immediately taste saltiness in it. I wanted to complain to the waiter but decided not to do it and just blog about it. And since we are really hungry, we dig in. Good thing we ordered a lot of the mini monay. It leveled the taste of pancit bihon. We also ordered Sampaguita Ice cream (PhP80)- a small scoop of sampaguita scented ice cream.

A bit expensive that we only ordered one. Which is enough for the three of us as I am not too keen on eating it whole hehe Remember, me losing weight hehe

We are disppointed with what we ordered that my mom reminded us that the waiter suggested the palabok and we should have ordered it. My dad countered that if that's the only food they can cook well they should just have ONLY that in their menu hehe hmmm quite right, eh?

So, tell me what you think? have you eaten here yet?

sampaguita ice cream- the first I've tasted

pancit bihon- too salty
10% service charge for a nook resto