It's a very hectic week!

Yoga has occupied my entire week last week. and i'm planning to do the same this week hehe I have been absent only yesterday (Sunday) but I spent it with my parents with our usual Sunday morning walking session. walking is supposed to be a good exercise for my mom who have been feeling a bit pain in her heart. But not to panic as doctors didn't find anything wrong with her the last time she had her check -up which was just last Saturday.

I've been doing Bikram Yoga at different times each day for the entire week. With Saturday being the most hectic as I have to rush out of the studio after class because I still have to go to the office. I usually attend the first class in the afternoon. Parking is a major problem though as the side street of the building is being dig up- yeah, on a rainy season! *major rant* Puff! Anyway, I always felt energize whenever I go in and start the class. Last Sunday when I didn't attend a class, I was a tad disappointed but hey! I'm with my parents. I just miss the S-W-E-A-T!

I just can't believe all the sweat I can produce in just 90 minutes. All that water inside my body that's why I put on a few pounds when I stopped hehe But I'm back and there is no turning back! I'll still be doing yoga everyday this week except on Saturday because I don't want to hurry myself up shuttling from yoga to the office. Sunday, I will be present in class because I have an all-you-can-eat buffet scheduled during lunch time hehe

It's going to be a very hectic week ahead!