I miss Taipei!

How I wish I were in Taipei right now!

It's sale season for one and I just miss its weather and how the people dressed to their content. Nobody would look you from head to toe... no matter how ridiculously dressed you are.

I miss the MRT, where people of all class can just take it because its near everywhere that you wish to go. I miss the funky hairstyles that the kids and the young at heart fashions.

I really miss the food we ate in PIEN TANG- it's a "turo turo" in Filipino. I miss the night market where locals and the tourist meets. I miss the brand THE NET. I miss the famous Takoyaki balls.

I miss IKEA hehe. I miss all the Taiwanese people who mistook me as Japanese/Korean when I am there hehe I miss speaking in Mandarin. I miss the couple who sells me CHAR SIU and YA- pork and duck to you and me. I miss the eat-all-you-can- JOGOYA restaurant. I miss Danshui Harbour especially the Turkish Ice Cream sold by a Turkish man. I miss Taipei 101.

I miss everything that is Taipei!