Cyma Greek Resto... yum yum!

June 1, 2008

Cyma Greek Restaurant
Level1, Greenbelt 2, Makati

I've always wanted to let my family try Cyma for its healthy salads and gyros/ souvlaki. So when we were pondering on where to treat my mom on her special day, Cyma immediately came to my mind.
As usual, we entered into a full packed restaurant. Good thing, they have a second floor dining area. A bit better than the ground floor. The situation is more relax and less crowded. Plus the fact that its restroom is also situated in the second floor hehe Courteous waiter is always on standby so no problem with following up your order and gettting and paying the bill.

Roka Salata family (PhP 580)

We ordered Roka Salata family (PhP 580), Lamb Souvlaki (PhP 395), Chicken Souvlaki (PhP 280), Fillet Mignon (PhP 480), Black Seabass Gindara (PhP 450). Roka Salata was a favorite of DH and I, we never fail to order it whenever we dine in Cyma.

Lamb Souvlaki (PhP 395), Chicken Souvlaki (PhP 280)

DH almost always orders a gyro. The souvlaki is meant to share as there were several pita bread that comes with your order.

Fillet Mignon (PhP 480)

Fillet Mignon was a bit expensive as only a tiny meat was served but its very tender nontheless. Black Seabass Gindara is fresh but i think PhP 450 is too much to pay for it.

Black Seabass Gindara (PhP 450)

The waiter was very attentive and instead of the usual ice cream that they serve for the celebrator. He went all the way and gave us a slice of cake. A good gesture on their part. He said so that everyboday can have a taste hehe

I think it is worth going to Cyma if you are with a group of friends or family as opposed to dining in twos as the price is a bit expensive but the servings are huge.

servings huge
free dessert
Roka Salata salad