On a Saturday...

June 19, 2008

Cafe Monaco
647 Banawe Street, Quezon City

This one Saturday was not spent inside a mall instead we had a trip to Banawe hehe We started with drive thru at Jollibee. Ordered a burger meal to share... Jollibee crew got my instruction to sliced the burger in half, point for them! Yipee!

 Bibimbop (PhP 130)

Then we got a two hour foot and body massage at Ton Ton's Thai Massage. It is soothing, relaxing and at the same time cheap. It's just 200/hour during off peak which is 12nn to 6pm And it's partly-owned by my best friend, so I support it. Come dinner time, we ate at one of my fav Korean resto in Banawe, Cafe Monaco.

when mixed, this is how the bibimbop looks like

To my surprise, they renovated the place just last June, if I'm not mistaken. The place is now sleek with it's new wallpaper and design. The interior became bigger although still narrow. The bar in the center was removed to accommodate more tables and chairs. The lighting was better too! The restaurant was packed with diners. 

Mostly younger crowd although we saw a few tables dining with their families. Most are cozy twosome like us. There menu is also newly printed although we don't have to look at it because we know what to order by heart. One Bibimbop (PhP 130) and Halo Halo (PhP140). 

Halo- Halo (PhP140)

I love the kochuchang- did I misspell it?- in their bibimbop. It's healthy because it's rice topped with different veggies and egg. And their halo halo has shaved ice and take note with fresh fruits like mango, apple, banana, strawberry, kiwi and pineapple topped with vanilla ice cream and monggo. Super delicious!

Update: April 23, 2011

After our water therapy at Ace Water Spa, we went straight to Cafe Monaco. We ordered most of my favorites like tempura, pita, bibimbop and halo halo.

spicy squid

My sister ordered spicy squid. It was delicious! Next time I will let DH try this dish...