Last Night...

Feeling  bit sick last night, I ate dinner a bit earlier than usual. After learning that DH is ecstatic about watching the Beijing Olympics opening, we decided to watch just one episode of the TV show series 4400. Alright, I know that I have said before that I was bored with the series but what can I do, DH have already downloaded the whole series and  it kept me interested somehow.

The single episode lasted less than an hour and together we waited for the start of the olympics. At first, I decided that I will not really watch WATCH the opening and prepared my su doku work page, pencil and eraser. But the magnificent opening kept me glued to the TV set.

Well, for a while. After most of the highly applauded production number on THE SCROLL- where hundreds or thousands of talents performed majestically- and changing channels from the local RPN9 (14) and CCTV1 (67) in Destiny cable which was incidentally eventually shut down due to showing rights of RPN9, I dozed off to sleep.

Waking up only to watch a bit of the walk of the athletes representing their countries. And watching a bit of it, I realized that many of the countries that joined, I have heard of only that day. Take for example the country CHAD and NIGER. Too bad, DH told me that due to numerous commercials that have been show with a live telecast, the walk of the Filipino athletes representing the Philippines was cut off from the damn too many commercial breaks. For every minute shown there is a commercial break.  In DH's eagerness to watch the show- with commercial breaks- he slept late. It's a first since he is complaining of sore mouth for the past week. But me, I'm of to dreamland hehe

But overall, it was nice that I'd I was able to watch the opening of the Olympics which i thought was a waste of time.