Holy Smokey... Charity!

July 31, 2008

Smokey Mountain
11 a.m.

Cherie along with Leony and I, with the help of our other friends, were doing charity with some 500 families of Smokey Mountain for two consecutive years. Some friends are tasked to collect money and food donations from relatives and other good samaritan to help the cause and brainchild of my good friend, Cherie.

our helpful friends and staff

We were blessed with a good weather during the day so we were able to feed more than 500 families and they even get to have a bag of groceries and a bag of rice for the whole family. Initially, the aim is to feed only the malnourished kids but my good friend Leony, donated more than enough for the whole family.

truck load of goodies

The food ration and gift- giving was organized very well by our contacts in Day Care Center. The day care center was headed by husband and wife tandem but it was the wife, Victoria, who is very ands on in distributing food stubs and making sure we arrive safe to the venue and that the whole process will be stampede free. Barangay Tanods and a man in military clothes were there to help us in assisting and controlling the very patient crowd.

Barangay Tanods controlling the crowd

We arrived 30 minutes late form the scheduled 10:30 event because the road going there that we know of was blocked and we have to familiarized ourselves to the new route. But thanks to Victoria's husband who helped us map our way to the area. As soon as we arrived near the old mountain of smokey, I saw people already lined up and some lining up with kids towed or infants being carried in their arm. Some moms got a couple more stubs than others because they have more babies in their names. A mom actually has eight kids, 3 twins and 2 single babies, imagine that! Wish I could get preggy that fast!

People were thanking us profusely and we were very happy that we were able to help them in some small ways that we could. We had some interactions with some moms while serving them food. Kids came, some were half clothed only, and clutching in their hand is a small clear plastic where we placed the rice and viand that we distribute.

Since we had enough man power now than year, we were able to feed 500 families in less than 2 hours. This year the weather cooperated with us, as opposed to last year, we were kinda relax and did not sweat a lot and the sun's ray didn't show up so our caps were not used and shirts were not soaked in sweat! Lucky us!

By, the time that we were finished distributing goods even the dogs or ASKALs have their fair share of meal hehe As we got inside our cars, the rain poured really hard. It was just like God have waited for us to finish our charity and then he let the rain fall. Good thing everybody was gone and guess safely in their home when the rain pours. It was truly a blessed day!