U.S. Iphone 3g

I went to the U.S. thinking I, uhmm, my DH could buy me an Iphone. A friend of mine got hers in the U.S. too. The one she got was the first version and I guess at that time Apple didn't think much about buying their phone and unlocking it making it not as exclusive as what they are thinking it should be. 

So, for their new generation 3G phone, you can no longer buy the phone without a 2 year lock- up subscription and if you insist on cancelling the subscription, you could end up paying more for the numerous cancellation fees that apply. So much so that you end up paying more than save when you get your phone in the U.S. 

I'm still wondering, though, how come Globe Handyphone and Apple are selling the phone here in the Philippines with a much higher phone fee. I still have to wait until April 2009 that is when my 2 year lock up expires and by then I could apply for new "perks" hopefully a lower priced Iphone. Geez... too much trouble for just one phone, don't you think?