Connection to Toronto

My visit: September 17, 2008

Manila- Toronto
Part 2
16:20 Manila time-19:00 Toronto time same day

Our flight to Toronto was a long one. It's a total of 16:50 hours of travel. Manila to Hong Kong duration was 2:10 hours and Hong Kong to Toronto non stop is 14:40.

Whew! Just thinking of the long trip back home makes me want to just stay here in the United States... N-O-T hehe Of course, I missed my dog, Precious and so need to be back home to bathe her. Imagine, I'm gone for more than a month, she sure would smell bad when I get back hehe unless my dear SIL have the time to bathe her haha

Anyway, when we booked for our seat online, there were no more aisle seat available, we settled for the window and middle seat. If you have experienced travelling long haul, seating in the middle or the window seat is a lot of trouble specially when you are my type who uses the toilet more than once in the entire duration of the flight. So, we just prayed that the one seating in the aisle would also have to use the toilet so we wouldn't have to disturb him/her. But lo and behold hehe for the entire duration of our flight, not once did he- oh, yes, it's a he, did he go up and pee. Oh NO! haha But we got to do what we got to do alright. In one instance, when I really, really have to pee and he looked sound asleep and I don't want to wake him up, I tried to hopped on his legs. Since he is kind of tall and I'm tiny, I couldn't open my legs wide enough and he thus arose from his sleep hehehe

DH is not on my side when that happened, I was too embarassed to get back that I had to look for him. I found him at wherelse the steward's station where they prepare all the food. He was muncing on someting and waiting for his noodles to be ready. So I stayed with him and have a cup of noodles for myself too.

That's probably one of the weirdest passenger that I have encountered. Good for him right?

After that incident, good thing our plane landed just in time for my next pee lol