Boston Bag Galore~

September 21, 2008

On our first day in Boston, I bought 5 bags already. 2 bags are to be given away to my sister and our office secretary. So, right now all I can show you are just 3 bags.

The black one is nine west. I can't decide which color to buy that I ended up buying 2. One in brown which I gave to my sister. It's a clutch and also has an attachment for shoulder strap. It's really a very nice sophisticated bag.

The second bag was a find. It's like the new LV collection vernis which means "varnish" minus the monogram LV. It's XOXO. I bought another, a brown one, which is a bit bigger and rectangular in length but that I also gave it away, this time to our secretary.

The last one is another XOXO. I bought it to replace my old Mango bag. Although it's not black- my old one is, I find it easy to carry and not back breaking like my other previous bags.

I don't know what got into me but every chance I get out of the country, I can't help but buy bags. And with each one I purchased, I gave away my old ones. That's why I can't buy really expensive ones. I might end up with a cabinet full of bags hehe