Choi Garden Seafood & Sharksfin Restaurant

Choi Garden Restaurant

#12 Annapolis St. corner Purdue St.,
Greenhills, San Juan City
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I am very disappointed with this restaurant. After a whole month of hibernation and not reviewing on SPOT... I'm back and sad to say my first review is not a good one.

Although we arrived without reservation on a weekend, we were seated in less than 15 minutes. But the good thing ends there. The food we want to order are either not available on weekends (Oyster Cake), should be ordered in advance (suckling pig)- 1-2 days I think or "ubos na po" (lechon macau).

So we settled for wintermelon assorted meat soup (PhP350), Roast Duck 1/4 (PhP380), Sharks fin Siomai (PhP95), Minced Pork with Baguio Bean (PhP200) and Taho (PhP150). We ordered a fish filet with garlic but the young order taker was probably not on his feet that day and was not able to place our orders. We waited for it until we finished the rest of the food but sadly, it didn't come out. Finally, the waiter informed us that our order was not placed.

And don't get me started with its parking. There is a parking space provided opposite of Choi Garden with a very tiny signage, I think the one before the spa. But the guards will not be pointing you that way instead they will point you to paid parking space directly infront of the said restaurant which will charge you PhP 30 and PhP 20 if you haggle.

We had a very bad and hungry evening to say the least. I think of not going back ever...