Where to eat?!? Old Chinatown Kopitiam

Old Chinatown Kopitiam
86 Ma. Clara St., Sto. Domingo, Q.C.

My DH and I are often strike by this question come Saturday and sometimes Friday when I go with him to his office. Often times we went toBanawe area to search and look for new restaurant to eat to. Recently, we have discovered Old Chinatown Kopitiam. We have been there three times since.

Claypot Beef Kienchi

The first one was for lunch on a Saturday. Upon entering, we notice that only a few vacant seat were left and that made me ask if there were any other seating area. The waitress told me that there is a room with I think 20 pax seating capacity- great for hosting a small party! We were quickly ushered to our seat, a hard-bound menu was readily given to both of us. As we waited, chopsticks and utensils warmed over hot water were placed on our table. Our orders were ready in less than 20 minutes. We had a good experience so we decided to celebrate mother's day in the same venue....

Another long weekend coming up!

Oh my! oh my gulay! hehe Our president imposed another holiday economics hehe June 12, Independence day will be moved to June 9- the nearest Monday, instead. For my gf, CM, it's time to ponder on where to go hehe We have to be a bit stingy for CM has been splurging her moolah on her child's water bottle lately. Well, that's another story. So For almost a week now, we alternately search online for a good place to go. I've hinted my DH on what's to come hehe he might get shock come that day when I'm all pack with my bikini- whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?- & ready to go and he doesn't have a clue on what's going on...

Anyway, we searched for Zambales last week but I believe and it turned out to be a surfer's paradise so much for relaxing on the beach with all that crazy wave that comes right up at us. Darn, right now, I'm looking at the safest option which is Anilao in Batangas. DH and I have been there plenty of times and yet we love the place so much that we keep on coming back. With CM in tow and her family, we have to stay overnight and for that would cost us an arm and leg. Good luck to us that we can find a cheap resort in Anilao. I'll keep you posted!

Louis Vuitton: Eva Clutch

Geez! I haven't started yet but I seem can't figure out which of my two email address were registered in this blog teehee... 

Finally been able to get the result, not what I would have wanted but good enough.

LV Eva clutch

Anyway, I have been pondering on buying an LV Eva clutch for my birthday month of May. But DH has been my conscience since day 1. I haven't had the courage to go an LV store for fear I might over indulge myself and would have bought a wallet and a bag... I wish hehe My conscience is killing me hehe Hmmm... the money I will spend for a bag could feed a lot of street children but, what the heck, a girl has to have at least a piece of a designer bag once in her life tee hee Bad thinking hehe A lot of power is needed to convince my DH which I know will verge on a debate and my conscience will sink in and finally... no bag for me! It ain't over till it's over...