Amazing Cones: Amazing Treats

In an attempt to lose weight in time for summer *bikinis... I wished* AC and I started badminton and each time we would pass by Amazing Cones- temptation, temptation... yeah, yeah, I know, I know we should watch what we eat. Another friend insisted that we should try it since he already has and it's gonna be his treat... who are we to say NO lol~

Amazing cones is having a promo on it's mini cones- 3 inch cones packed with flavors from their regular cones. It's a steal at PhP 25 each and with the 5+1 promo, I think it's worth a try!

Amazing Cones

Since we were 3 pax at that time, each of us get to taste only 2 of the 6 flavors that we ordered. I got the Everything but the Sink and the Ragin' Buffalo. Everything but the Sink was the Super Supreme in Pizza Hut. How do they stuff it with all the ingredients in a tiny cone beats me. Ragin's Buffalo taste just like Buffalo Wings with bits and pieces of chicken you can really eat.
AC and I ordered Buko Pandan and Buko Lychee drink. I dare say, I've tasted better. But PhP 40 to quench our thirst that time, was negligible enough.

I will come back to taste the other flavors. I'll still order the minis not because I'm a cheapskate but because I'm on a diet *wink*

Thanks to AC for the pic